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What is 2x overmatch?

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Hey everyone, i looked around the forums but was too lazy to do a really thorough search and sift through pages of crap.

I know about 3x overmatch, where any shell 3 times the thickness of the armour will autopen regardless unless the tank is russian (100% akurat)

I've also heard of 2x overmatch, and i think it has something to do with normalisation, but im not sure what it actually does- is it useful in anyway in terms of removing random rng shots or exploiting against IKEAs?

and is there a 1x overmatch?

ooh and can i triple overmatch the str103-0 tier 9 ikea with 122/128mm he or does it have to be ap because of some bs space armour?

that was a lot of questions okie im done now

actually one more what the heck is this -->:oscar::surprisefish::pumpkinfish::asnail::fish::happyfish: (definitely metagame discussion)

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If the AP or APCR shell's caliber is more than 2 times the nominal thickness of the armour (Such as a 130mm shell hitting a 60mm thick plate), projectile shell normalization is increased by the following formula: basic normalization * 1.4 * shell caliber / nominal armour thickness. Note that the shell is still capable of bouncing if it strikes the armor at an angle of 70° or more from normal.

If the AP or APCR shell caliber is more than 3 times the nominal thickness of the armour (such as a 130mm shell hitting a 40mm thick plate), no ricochet will happen even if the impact angle is more than 70° from normal. The increased shell normalization described above will also occur.

In cases involving HE shells or external module hits, overmatch does not occur.

IIRC this hasn't been changed. Also note 3x overmatch simply means never ricochet, not autopen. Easily observable with low pen, high caliber guns like the 105mm derp (64 AP pen, shoot at 30mm angled armor).

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2x Overmatches are important in 3 cases:

1. You 3x overmatch your target but otherwise wouldn't have enough penetration to punch through the armor (as Haswell mentioned, 3x Overmatch simply means that you won't riccochet, NOT that you will atomatically penetrate)

For example 40mm of armor angled at 85° will have ~230 EFA against AP-rounds (angle gets normalized by 5 degrees) before the normalization from 2x overmatching is taken into account, this is why the standard 122mm Idiot-gun is penetrate anyway.


2. You don't have enough penetration to penetrate at an angle below 70°, yet still have a high enough calibre so that 2x overmatching applies (this only applies to low tier derpguns, most notably the trash 105mm AP round which only gets 64mm penetration)

For example 40mm of armor angled at 65 degrees will have 80mm of EFA (with 5 ° of AP normalization), with a 105mm gun and 2x overmatching this value drops to ~58mm EFA allowing the 105 derp to penetrate where it wouldn't have before.


3. Angled spaced armor, Overmatching applies to each layer of armor individually, 2x overmatching will reduce the amount of protection which each layer of spaced armor provides (as long as 2x overmatching actually applies obviously), As a result spaced armor is a lot less effective against AP/APCR because of 2x overmatching (atleast when angled)

For example when firing at 70mm of armor plus 30mm of spaced armor with a 120mm AP-round compared to shooting at a 100mm armorplate:

At a 0 degree angle both will give 100mm of EFA.

Angled at 65 degrees the 100mm will give 200mm of EFA (with 5° of AP-Normalization as always)

At the same angle the 70mm + 30mm spaced will give you ~178mm of EFA (140mm because of the 70mm plate + 38mm because of the 30mm spaced armor)

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The above formula was: basic normalization * 1.4 * shell caliber / nominal armor thickness. Using the provided example of a 130mm gun hitting a 60mm armor plate, if firing AP then your basic normalization is 5 degrees. The ratio of caliber to actual thickness is 2.1667 or so. So 5.0 x 1.4 x 2.1667 = 15.1669 degrees of normalization. To summarize, 2x overmatch will basically triple or quadruple your nomalization value depending on the specific numbers. But that only takes place if you don't autobounce, which if you ask me is BS. 2x should take effect before the autobounce rules kick in so that we don't get insane scenarios like we did with the Swedish TD armor.


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