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T-44-122 speculation thread


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  1. 1. Who's going to get it?

    • WoWP beta testers
    • WoT Blitz stuff?
    • WoT xbawks beta testers
    • Supertester reward
    • Other: Post below

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It's been said by our lord and savior SerB that the T-44-122 will not be available as a regular premium; data mining the icons has only further confirmed this.  The icon has a big T plastered on it, which WG likes to use for Beta Test rewards (please remember the RU server gets the M4A2E4 as a normal tank). 




Now let's take a look at the T-44-122:






WG has a number of projects in beta right now or will be in beta soon™.  To be specific, WoWP, WoT xbawks, and WoT Blitz(?).  However, this could be something that is given as a reward to people in ST.  We shall now speculate...

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If you are interested,stats for the t44 122 and t44 85, http://tank-compare.com/en/compare/t-44-122/t-44-85#T1=433I348I297I535I199&T2=434I349I297I536I199


Also I'm going to go with Xbox because it seems like the area WG need the most work on (maybe blitz, but who would pay for premiums in a tablet game)

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