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[2459 Overall, 3041 Recent] Looking for a clan to take care and hold me.

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Hey guys

Took a much needed hiatus from WoT and looking to get back into the grind. 

Previous clans: 

  • Rel_3 (before collapse) 
  • -G- (left for hiatus) 

I tried to build up some recent matches to show I'm still capable of playing. Tier 10's have Decent Wn8 to show I'm not just statpedding lower tiers. 

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Mahou if you are a weeb or Vilin if you like dads are really the only remaining clans on the server that your reqs. would get you into. If you speak spanish, maybe R-7. 

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Depends on what you're looking for. MAHOU and VILIN are great clans that are active in clan wars. If you're just looking for strongholds/advances and platooning, then your options expand a bit more. We (BRVE) started rebuilding this spring because we had a T10 stronghold. At the moment we've got pretty decent players (70 people @ ~2920 avg recent) and are able to use t10 credit boosts daily. We don't do clan wars though, as there isn't much point.

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dont go mahou.

they have overload many purpl/blue come over to mahou. well they have too much activity. u should try out different clan like vilin, youjos, r7, otter. whatever clans.

many activities it kill ur schedule and real tired.

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