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Any thoughts on the TD line?

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9 hours ago, sr360 said:

Why not IRM instead of grousers? It also helps turn speed and helps mitigate some bloom.

IRM still doesn't make it faster.

On second thought I scrapped this build because while it was effective, it got perma arty focused which made me want to sell the tank.

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Given there is no discount on t8 tanks, i decided to buy the t8, ``cant wait``...

I expect the worse (like T28 / proto / SU-101 before buff kinda of bad) so lets see

edit: gonna grind this thing from stock (except tracks, to mount equipment) and: HOWGOD its sloooow, i hope the big engine is gonna make atleast some difference, because this feels worse as a ferdinand atm

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The tier 9 with nearly full HE is super dank and you can mix it up with the occasional HEAT to fuck up anyone who has the sense to push you. 500 damage rolls on tracks is <3 

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On 8/29/2020 at 1:56 AM, lavawing said:

Re: tier 9
Not sure if optimal but have been having some success with rammer/grousers/turbo. Goes 35-ish easily and 38 on hard ground. It's a faster T95 with more gun and less armour, and you pretty much pummel the shit out of every tier 8 that exists.

I don't think the speed helps this that much. It's kind of fast enough for what it needs to do, which is get forward to the main brawl and second-line. As @sr360 notes, the gun handling feels amazing with IRM, and the rotation speed is also very useful on a casemate TD. With IRM you can pull snap-shots on anything inside 200m very reliably which makes it great for brawling.

My other equipment was Hardening, mostly for the track repair and increased health, making you very hard to track for long periods of time, which can really save your bacon in a brawl. The overall HP gain is a nice bonus too (gets you to just under 2k health, very nice for a tier 9 TD). Last is the Rammer in the firepower slot, which can push your DPM to just over 3,000 with a good crew. I'm finding a lot of success with it, although not quite finished the grind. Winning is a bit of an issue because I'm not the best player, but damage performance is close to best in the tier for me.

@GehakteMolen - unfortunately the tier 8 does not get any faster even once elite. It is very slow for how little armour it has. Pretty painful stock grind too, although it gets better once you at least have the middle gun (the same gun as on the premium WZ TD).

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