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MOEs broken?

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So I don't usually pay much attention to MOE's, I'm not good enough to get three on most tanks but after playing 100+ battles in my M41 90 GF with 1800 avg damage + over 2500 avg spotting I figured I would be getting close to the third mark.

I noticed it was at 83.57%, even though I already have two marks. Watched the marks for a few games, nothing I could do would move the number. 4k damage + 6k spotting? Still at 83.57%. 

I opened a ticket and got this response:

Dear Daerlon,

Thanks for writing into Wargaming Support!

We understand there's some concern involving Marks of Excellence progression. After running some battles on our accounts, we can confirm those suspicions.

We've brought this to the attention of our server side engineers so that they may offer clarification about a possible error or otherwise.

We don't suspect that we will require any additional information from you so we've set the status of this ticket to being Resolved. If more information is needed to help facilitate the investigation, we shall contact you by reopening this ticket.

We appreciate the diligence you had in escalating this issue to us. We apologize for any inconvenience while we work to resolve the problem.

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In the last couple weeks my highest was 12k spotting, it's still possible. 2-3k is what I shoot for, and get it more often than not. Tier 8 is the easiest tier for spotting right now. You still have a lot of tanks like Kv-4 and Is-3 which are blind as bats, and most opposing lights suck at scouting.

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They've been broken since Friday lol

Fake News :trump: " The Moe's work great, they're the greatest!! they're doing great things & were gonna make em even greater!!! Were Gonna make em so great even my blind Boy :kjugh: will be able to Three MOE the Obj.907!! 


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17 hours ago, Rspctd said:

Wait is @Daerlon skill4u?

Serious note, they are frozen cause WG broke them in a patch. 

he's probably skill5ltu considering his ability to spot more in a t8 light than a obj260 with two arties in platoon only shooting targets spotted by him :doge: 

i just wanna add that if ur putting up over 4k combined avg in a t8 you would have gotten your marks by 60 battles


and: update the vbaddict dossier and you'll get the exact number

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As of yesterday MOEs were working again in NA.  I got marks on my Type 64 and wz132.  Whether this is permanent or temporary, I have no clue.

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