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Counq fail carry

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to make a long story short i try to carry this team in the Counqeror but i failed hard (probably before i fucked up that one poke attempt that cost me about 1k HP....), any tips will be appreciated



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I'm no expert at this game but this is what I see if you just want to know how you could have handled it differently.


First the good stuff:

1. You paid attention to you mini map for the most part.

2. You traded damage some what effectively (I'll explain this in a bit)

3. You used your armor effectively overall

Now the bad stuff: (well not too bad)

1. You did a great job killing the threat at your base but then you take the long way back to help your friends who were dying trying to cap the enemy base.

2. Not only did you take the long way you didn't analyze your mini map enough. If you had you would have realized that the remaining tanks on the enemy team were 1 Heavy tank (that was 2 tiers below you) 3 Nasty TDs and artillery. They all spell disaster for you when you are not protected by the confines of the city. Mostly because TDs have awesome Camo so it would be hard for you to spot them with your terrible view range. And further more even if you did manage to spot them and get off a snap shot for damage artillery is going to hammer you in the open. In short you should have taken the city route. Instead you tried to kill an IS2 in the open and got hit by a T30 and arty hammered you for even more damage. By the time you got back into the city again where you should have been you were pretty much a one shot for the T30.

3. You did trade damage effectively but if I had any recommendations for you it would be to take a deep breath, calm down , and try to be a little more smooth with your side scraping and poking out to take a shot. You were real jumpy and it cost you some shots not to mention some health at times if I remember correctly.

All in all you did a good job but a little more analyzing the mini map to take the safest route and taking your time to not be so jumpy would go a long way for you. I'd say you did a good job all things considered but hey I'm not the best at this game I'm sure others may have better advice for you. :P



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