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I just want some people's advice/opinion on this matter.

I've got the T-55A LT & MT missions done for over a year now, and alongside those, I've yet to claim the female crew from StugIV SPG mission.

Previously I'd gotten 4 crew members for my T-54/Obj 907, and another 4 on my Centurion AX. That was before WG changed the whole BiA and SoS system and allowed mixed gender crews. Now I have 3 female crew as yet unclaimed, and as I have yet to manage to complete TD-15.4 and HT-12.4, I'd like to at least move on to the 4th personal mission set in the meantime.

It's all a matter of what tier X vehicles should I get a female commander onto

My tier X lineup atm:

  • STB-1
  • Centurion AX
  • FV215b + coming soon Super Conqueror
  • 113
  • Obj 907
  • Obj 140
  • M60

My tier IX lineup keep (for now) grinding selling soon :

  • E50
  • Leo PTA
  • T-54 (grinding T-62A)
  • T-10
  • M46
  • M103 
  • T30
  • Centurion 7/1
  • Conqueror
  • Conway (we'll see if 9.20.1 redeems this)
  • Skoda T50
  • RU251
  • Jagdtiger (no crew)
  • T-54 ltwt
  • T49
  • Type 61
  • AMX 13 90
  • Batchat 25t AP 

Shopping list

  • T110E5 (moving the M103 crew here)
  • IS-7 
  • TVP T50/51 (considering moving idle Skoda T25 crew here)
  • WZ-111 1-4 => WZ-111 5A 
  • M48 Patton (i've got a Pershing crew set to move here, currently in M60)
  • T110E4 (considered selling T30 and moving the crew here)

I've also considered getting an AMX 30 and placing a female TC there, and the IS-7 & WZ-111 5A seem likely candidates. I don't suppose i'll be keeping the BC25t AP after unlocking the BC-25t


PS if I don't claim them now, what happens to them after the personal mission changes?

PPS Did they fix the female crew voice for US crew? Or does she still sound lobotomized?

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My personal suggestions is that you use your female crew members for either: 

A) starting a new crew as the commander to get sixth sense right off the bat and make it grindable (3 crews if you decide to put all 3 as commanders)

B) Replacing it for a crew that's going to be trained a lot where the current crew isn't too good (more than 3 skills and replacing it at all will take a lot of time to make up for it)

Otherwise it doesn't really make sense and you won't make up for it for until like 70% into the 4th skill, keep the female crew members for tanks you're either going to play a lot or for starting new crews you simply want to skip out the worst part of the crew grinding on (2 skills takes a lot of time, it's easily 12 hours active  playtime with constant boosters on for a high XP/game)

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If you have female crews that are loader/gunner/driver, you can retrain them into commander.

Cmdr is the only role that really needs to have high skill anyways(SA+Recon for VR/6th sense/Repair+camo),you can have the guys do the rest since they only need BiA+camo/repair and maybe gun handling being optional.

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i will go for chinese heavies since is7 is not being popularity for clan wars but some of russ med. it might cool if you have prem tier8 russ med.


yes, they added female voices for entire nation and if i correctly they havent add some other nation.

if ur female havent 1 set for your vehicles, just do the mission until u completed then get ur last female crews.


i just wonder if wargaming add other personal mission after obj260 there will be random tier like t4-10 rare tank. they havent get any plan to implement.

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