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WZ-111-1 FT

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Couldn't find a thread on this one.

Thought I would start the Chinese TD line on the tier 8, as it was looking quite good, but I'm having huge issues making it work.
Anyone with experience in this tank that could shed some light on how to make it work?

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I enjoyed playing the WZ-111-1G FT enough to revive its thread. For the sake of completeness, here's where the discussion about this vehicle went in the TD line thread. The consensus is that it's a lousy prelude to a good tier 9. 

On 10/3/2017 at 5:56 AM, CandyVanMan said:

I skipped the t8, what a piece of shit, t9 is fucking amazing though.


On 1/15/2018 at 6:19 PM, sr360 said:

Tier 8 (WZ-111-1 FT): I didn't like this one, it makes too many compromises. Not good enough camo and gun handling to snipe at range, not enough mobility, armor, or HP to brawl. The 1,000 HP is just crippling, and the chassis is slow and unresponsive. Hurts when it hits-- 560 is no joke -- but getting gun on target consistently is a chore. It isn't helped by the absolutely garbage T8 MM.

Tier 9 (WZ-111G FT): A side-grade from the 704, arguably better. Has better armor and 200 more HP than the 704, and, amazingly, better penetration too! (290/395), but has less DPM and less camo. Also has terrible shell velocity (760 m/s). Has a GIANT mantlet that attracts shells like Lakeville valley does pubbies. Works better as a second or even top-tier frontline brawler, but suffers at range vs the 704 due to the slow, loopy shell. I think it is the best tank in the line so far.

But not everyone hated it. 

On 9/7/2017 at 3:26 AM, Vesirott said:

Tier8 one is actually rather good. 6 was okay, 7 was okay, 8 is definitely above okay. I cant quite understand how the armor works but it does. RHM, IS3 and even grille AP rounds do bounce. RHM ones do so with alarming reliability also. Lower plate is trash ofc but everything else is workable. I hate to admit it but I really enjoy it.

Edit: Forgot to clarify that if you are top tier, then choose a corridor and 3xr. Its like ISU without the old alpha but with armor.

The WZ-111-1G FT gets a worse version of the WZ-111 hull. The upper glacis get ~40mm less effective armor, and it gets 3 kph better reverse speed in exchange for 15 kph worse forward speed plus worse terrain resistances. It also gains a degree of gun depression and gives up 10 meters of view range and 550 hit points. 

The gun, on the other hand, is delightful. No TD at this tier that smacks this hard gets 0.35 accuracy, although the 128mm German guns get 0.34 for their 490 alpha. It gets better penetration on its standard rounds than every TD in its tier except for the Swedes (271mm) and on top of that gets 340 HEAT. Shells tend to penetrate, and when they do the unusually high alpha always feels rewarding. The DPM is very good. The downside is the bad gun handling, which together with the low top speed makes WZ inconsistent.

Overall I liked the vehicle and had a lot more fun during the grind than I expected to. If you're looking for the genuinely good tier 8 Chinese TD, it's the premium WZ-120-1G FT, which is what the SU-122-44 would be if it went to the gym every day. Compared to the tech tree WZ TD, it's faster, smaller, has extremely good DPM (beaten in its class and tier only by the ISU-130, JT88, and AT-15), has better view range and 100 more hit points, and gives up very little in exchange. But the tech tree tier 8, while not particularly great, can still be fun to play. 

Oh, and it looks really good in the Holiday Ops 2018 Chinese New Year camo. The garage lighting doesn't nearly do justice to how it looks during sunlit gameplay, but take a look at this beauty. 


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