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One feature that seems to be exclusive to OnePlus is their inability to keep promises. OP2 was slated to get Nougat and they just ditched it. That move killed any chance of me considering them and solidified them as just another crappy Chinese company. 

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Posting from my oneplus 5 I got this morning and I'm loving it so far. The only issue is they sent the wrong wall charger. But I've got like 5 of them from all the other Android phones I've owned so it's no biggie. The free case it came with is nice, but I'll probably get a better one when I find one I like. If youre careful with it (like I'm not) then it should be fine.


Immediate software update when I turned it on, so I didn't see any jelly scrolling like some people had said they had noticed, looks like they ironed that out. I like that it's basically vanilla Android, one thing I hated about my s7 was all the samsung bullshit that came with it. 


Fingerprint scanner works a treat. And it might be placebo, but I've noticed my music sounds ALOT better through headphones and my car speakers than my s7 or nexus tablet ever have which is sweet. 


Honestly really happy with it, not at all fussed with the lack of expandable space. 128gb is alot more than I'll ever use. I don't take many pictures so it's no biggie. 


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