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Password change/account hacked?

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3 hours ago, 1971ChevelleSS said:

Well, I have access to my account again!  YAY, but this jackball spent about $11million credits and changed a bunch of tanks around.  Submitted a new ticket to see if they could reset back to that date as Stige said.


Overall, I'm very pleased with WG's support and their help.  They helped me quite a bit on this one!



I learned about it when I was resetting an account and they never asked for confirmation but reset it out of thin air when I was still selling tanks on it. That's when they said that they can offer a one time rollback or something like that, just like acc reset is "one time only" but I did it twice on same acc already lol

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Actually, if they can even just give me my creds and name back, I'd be happy.  A full reroll to Monday would be amazing.  We'll see what happens but good to know it's worked for you Stige!




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