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Super Conqueror Appreciation Thread

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On 6/8/2020 at 9:23 AM, Balthazars said:

So, my second tier-10 tank to reach 100 games (in recent times) as I've been spamming games in it for the battle pass. 57% win rate, 2,425 DPG with 824 average assist. About middle of the road in my tier 10 tanks in terms of DPG, but win rate is the best of all my tier 10s with 100 games or more (next closest is the Cent AX, most of the games were played as the FV-4202 back in the day, I dunno, I just seem to win a lot in British tanks).

It's quite fun to play overall. It has clear strengths and is overall a great package. Excellent gun (although a bit derpy at long ranges sometimes), excellent DPM, super-strong turret (although big guns or HEAT on flat ground can consistently go through the commander's hatch), hull armour that will absolutely troll even same-tier non-gold rounds and lots of spaced armour (including fat tracks) to eat HEAT so it can also sidescrape.

Main disadvantage is that it's slow-ish, it's much better on defence than offence, the ammo rack is made of wet paper and the playstyle is fairly repetitive, although I find it quite fun because it's fairly easy to play (go to brawl, find hull-down spot, trade as best you can, once enemy is broken, push and use DPM to finish off low-health targets).

I think it's still fun and worth the grind, the last three tiers are all fun, although getting there without free XP is pretty painful.

still wouldnt play this over the tier 9. you get all the strengths sans the DPM and much shittier opposition

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I think the tank is still really strong given you don't get fucked by rng or artillery. This tank lives and dies by positioning, whereas something like an IS-7 can play wherever you throw it. Make a mistake? You will be punished hard. Poor hull armor, bad mobility, paper ammo rack, and finally lowish alpha that nobody is afraid to peak against. 

But played to it's strengths it is still great. Very nice gun handling, great DPM, fat chunk of HP, -10 gun depression, and a good turret. Obviously hull down and/or ridgeline it will stomp, supporting a push it will melt enemies with raw DPM, and it completely shits on anything lower tier. Your DPM and high HP means you will usually win when it comes to trading hits.

I enjoy this tank, I enjoyed the 215b back in the day. Same gun more or less, but vastly superior platform on the part of the super conq. The performance I have in them is pretty far apart, with the super conq being nearly a tier ahead as far as stats go:


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18 hours ago, lavawing said:

still wouldnt play this over the tier 9. you get all the strengths sans the DPM and much shittier opposition

To be honest I'm kind of on the fence. Yes, the MM is much nicer a tier lower, but that DPM boost is noticeable and I find the armour, especially on the hull, trolls a lot more. Maybe because it's only recently that I started playing a lot of tier 10 games, but somehow I don't find it *that* bad, and I'm kind of enjoying the challenge.

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Got a crew for this due to CW. After 20-ish games have finally got the hang of the tank. Very comfy!

Equipment is hipster-y and suboptimal - I know, but still manages to pump out 3150 DPM, and the tank is now more able to use that DPM due to having E5 mobility and non fucked reverse speed. Now, I wouldn't willingly part with turbo so when I have more bonds to get tryhard equipment the vents will most likely be dropped in favour of i-rammer.

One of the few tanks at tier 10 which isn't just a 279e/Chieftain speedbump - just as cancer to fight at release but I daresay is a necessary evil in 2021.

PS: paintjob was one of the few good things to come out of this year's lootboxes :feelsbad:

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