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WoT Minimizes When It Loses Focus

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Hi Folks:

   A day or two ago, before the 9.20.1 patch, WoT started minimizing, disappearing except for the icon on the task bar, as soon as I selected another window.  For example, clicking on the TeamSpeak window on my first, smaller, monitor.  It pops back up when I click on the WoT icon, but it's annoying. 

   This continues to happen with today's patch. 

    Anybody else getting this?  Anything I'm doing that's causing it to happen?


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Yeah this behavior isn't new with this patch, it's always been like that if you use full-screen mode and not borderless windowed mode.


What may have happened is that your settings got reset if it wasn't doing this before the patch

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Thanks, a bunch of my graphics settings had been changed before this issue started. 

I hadn't noticed Window - Borderles had been changed to Full Screen.

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You should also do this

Find worldoftanks.exe in c:\games\worldoftanks (or wherever you installed it to) right click and go into properties. Under compatability, make sure "disable fullscreen optimization" is checked. You should see a boost in fps and reduction of input lag.

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