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How to Help a Noob

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I have a friend who plays WoT. He's bad (400 something wn8 and 48% w/r). He only plays WoT in his free time and doesn't bother looking up guides, etc. What would be some easy, quick tips to help improve a noob's gameplay? 

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You say he doesn't bother looking up guides and plays only on his free time, which usually means sporadically. Those are typically not actions of someone who is looking to improve and this is not exactly one of those games where you just read some guide and bingo you got it.

So the first question you have to ask is, does your friend actually want to improve? Does he care?

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If he's open to it then probably the best way would be to watch over his shoulder and mentor him as he plays.

If he doesn't want to be told what to do, read guides etc then let him be but maybe encourage him to stick to tier 5 and below for the foreseeable future.

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I think if platooning your attention will be divided between what you are doing and what he is doing.


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Literally this:

  • Point front of tank at enemy, not sides or back
  • Always take cover while reloading
  • Don't camp in base
  • Don't play LTs or arty - stick with heavies and meds
  • Auto-aim is your friend on shots far enough that the reticle is bigger than the tank

That will get him yellow and to 48%


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