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What is your go-to-premium?


as the title says, I would like to know what is your most played premium (tier VIII) these days in terms of credits making. What do you think works best and how long your sessions usually are? Do you use PR and play like for two hours just one or two vehicles? 

I recently bought Lowe and while it makes good credits, I usually get bored quickly after just couple games. 
I like to play mediums - Mutz, PIlot or STA-2 but since I'm not that good player, I won't make as much credits as I would like with mediums. Also, mostly it's tier IX and X, so I have to spam premium a lot to have some impact on games.

It's just a constant dilema - play something boring, but with good credit making ability, or play what you like, but spam gold, if you have to have at least decent stats (and thus not making much credits).

What is your mental approach to this?


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Premium Account is the biggest factor.

I usually don't do a focused credit grind, but the few times I have, I'll run my stronger premiums (both in general ability and my ability to play) and pop a credit reserve if I have them. But, I've enough that I play them just like my grinding tanks - get a win, move on to the next. Even if running in stronks, I'll try to rotate out tanks each match, spreading the exp love around, while still getting credits.

Pref MM tanks help, though the VIII's have it rougher... the VII's are all decent though. Running the Premium lights is also decent for earning, as with the new MM, they're fighting lower tiers much more often.

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Not a purple, or even close for that matter.

but for the interest of science; My most played premium is Lorraine 40t, and i usually pop a 1hr credit PR and get bored after about 30-40 min after i've got some ~400 - 500k credits and start then start playing tier 9+10

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Premium account, depending on if i feel like it, a personal reserve as well. 

I generally run whatever i find fun and don't spam too much gold in, like the T-34-3 and M4 Rev currently. I really really like 390 alpha mediums. 

I rarely do need to grind credits though since i earn credits playing tier 9s and can also earn credits or at the very least break even playing tier 10. 

I have a Defender and T26E5 but I don't really find those tanks fun so I don't bring them out unless I'm doing doubles on all my premiums while grinding credits. I find that a good way for me to earn credits too with a booster, and usually settle back to the first 2 that I enjoy when I've run through most of my premiums. 

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well being more a heavy player myself, lowe isn't bad, but its really slow


The T26E5 really gets the best of both worlds with a better 90mm than virtually all the tier 8 meds, reasonable mobility not too far off from the pershing and very strong turret armor and okay hull armor; i'd recommend it to any medium tank player at tier 8 due to its better gun and durable it can hold its own in tier X


alternatively when im half asleep i'll run the 252/defender since that thing is basically retard proof; but the lorr 40t i've heard many good things about with a stable gun good gun depression and high flexibility, once you work around its big size its a strong workable tank

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If I'm going to play premiums, I usually pop a 1 or 2 hour credit boost and try to play for that whole time. I prefer variety so I usually play a bunch of different tanks in a single session. I'm generally playing for credits so I most often play tanks that make credits well (i.e. don't need lots of premium spam). Tier 8 can also get boring (especially if the MM is being unkind) so sometimes I will drop to Tier 7 or even 6 just for some variety. Credit earning isn't as good but fun is more important than credits.

Good characteristics:

  • High pen standard round
  • High alpha
  • Strong armor
  • Preferred MM

Premiums I will often run:

  • Type 59 - Really nice, balanced tank with the recent buff, only sees 5 tier 9s at worst, and can shoot mostly AP rounds for excellent credit generation.
  • Lowe - Recent purchase, it has a great combination of armor and firepower. AP almost all day, but an APCR that handles 10s easily. A little slow but not too bad given how good everything else is.
  • T25 Pilot - 240 alpha mediums are not very good, but the Pilot is super comfortable and I have good US medium crews to help it. 
  • M4A1 Rev - It's really not a great tank, but the 390 alpha makes it a fun diversion.
  • T34 - Not great, but tolerable to play and makes bank
  • T-44-100 - Also not great, but with recent buffs it's pleasant to drive

Premiums I occasionally run for variety:

  • Type 62/Type 64 - Decent light tanks at easier tiers
  • E-25 - Just for a reminder of how easy that tank is
  • Strv s/42...er....whatever that swede tier 6 tank is - Fun autoloader at low tier
  • 112 - Solid heavy if you can get past the awful gun handling
  • IS-5 - Same comments as 112
  • Super Pershing - Can't stop myself from spamming APCR which hurts profits
  • FCM 50t - Actually a pretty solid premium with pref MM, but currently I think a Type 59 is more fun

Premiums I rarely ever run:

  • FV4202, CDC, STA-2, KV-4K, KV-5, variety of Tier 7 and 6 premiums

I don't have any of the real-money-only tanks but of the whole bunch I'd really only be interested in the Patriot and 13 57.

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When I want to grind some credits I run premium account (I'm not anymore since EU server is POS with all those lags and "unplanned maintenance") and credits booster. Then I take two fun tanks: Lowe and Blackdog. Two totally different gameplays so I don't have a chance to get bored in 2h session. 

The most important thing about grinding credits is FUN. Don't waste your time playing something that you don't like but it has good credits factor. Choose a tank being a pleasure for you.  

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I approach credit grinding the same was as @dualmaster333. Just activate one of the 50% credit boosters for a couple hours and play high-alpha and/or high-penetration tanks. My preferred ones are the T26E5, M46 KR, and M4A1 Revalorise. The M4A1 is by far my most played premium, just wish it had a bit more pen on it's standard round.

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