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GotTank's U Toob - selected replays

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Always wanted to turn some replays into videos, so here's my very first one! Conway with the 5.5 Derp gun - is it worth it over the 120? All comments welcome. 

Ace Tanker, 6400 dmg, Top Gun on Pilsen:


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Conway derp gun part two: AP versus HESH. 

Should you always shoot HESH, and nothing but the HESH? Well I don't think so. In fact I do 6k here with nothing but AP and I explain why.



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Just bought the 30B, and i think it's worth the grind. 

I've learned a bit from watching my own videos and will try to keep them "short and sweet" from now on - although still done in one take. Perhaps I'll experiment with editing in the future but in the meantime please check out my thoughts on this fine piece of French machinery and how it compares to the preceding T9 AMX 30, Leo and other tanks. 



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