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Medium tank Ammo loadouts


Heads up, I'm a noob. I don't play a lot of tier 10 tanks, note bad stats in mine. I typically play them only in advances / CW. 

That said, I recently played my 140 a lot for the x2 weekend to convert xp for my tortoise. I figured top tier med with Russian BIAS, what could go wrong?
My ammunition load out is 20/28/2. I'm a little heavy on the heat I know, but I'm used to playing lots of advances and with the super heavy meta. 
My question, is should I bother with the HE at all? I honestly can't remember a single occurrence of loading HE in that tank in my few pub games / hundreds of advances with the tank. But not just that tank, pretty much any medium or my E5. The caliber is so low I just never bother and prefer a standard round to the tracks to reset a cap if I'm desperate. 

Thanks in advance for the advice. Looking forward to the gold noob comments. :) 

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20/28/2 ammo load-out seem kinda solid. If the ammo capacity is high enough you should always carry few HE with you. At the other side of the spectrum, which is Bat-Chat you cant afford to carry any HE. I even carry HE clip in my 50B, cos I'm never gonna run out of AP/APCR. That tank also allows you to carry decent amount of AP and APCR so you can shoot AP at skirmishes and APCR in pubs, without having to switch load outs in garage.

During end game while you're mopping up, you tend to encounter those non armor german tds, which you can pen with HE, so I cannot think any issue with carrying a few HE in most tanks.

ps. Just remember that HEAT isnt autopen anymore, wait and aim for straight surfaces to fire on. If you don't follow this rule, only then you're gonna get called gold noob here. 


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I personally stopped carrying HE in RU meds entirely because I have run out of shells before and lost games because I only had HE left.

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