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Santa/Christmas Hats 2014+3: Christmas Edition

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It's that time of the year again folks! Time to chug cookies and eat milk because Santa (hats) is back to spread capitalist ideas! If you're not familiar with what I do every year, I basically draw a santa hat on your avatar for free. This will last until the end of December or until I forget about it!

-I draw them with a mouse. If you're looking for a professional hat, ask someone else.
-You can request me to do something else with the avatar, as long as it's Christmas-related.
-Please give me a high-res photo of your avatar, otherwise I'm pulling it straight out of your profile.

Compilation of last year's hats:

Previous year's threads:


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1 hour ago, BlackAdder said:

Don’t fuck up my avatar too bad, and yes green light go ahead!


Not sure what you wanted me to do with this one, so I made two.


14 minutes ago, Meirzin said:



Can you crop out the one on the left and put a hat on the blue and white one? 

I liked the Leo 1 better, but nice Zoids m dude.


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Can i get one ? Put it on the head with the tip pointing downward has it looks like it's going to fall (it might be a small hat, i reckon). 


Thx for trying !

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19 hours ago, 8_Hussars said:

Please see what you can do with mine...

This was small.

17 hours ago, TheChang said:

A santa hat would add color to my life


11 hours ago, NZStevie said:

2 for 1 if you do TheChangs.

It's a generic avatar, so other people can use it too.

4 hours ago, jackspurrel said:

requesting one for mine /o/
also no files as i lost it in the bay so pls just rip it out of my avatar 



29 minutes ago, Fulvin said:

@DHP this isn't an authentic zxrage hat™ but I tried


It's got my Stamp of Approval

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all of the pic that is posted became weird filename instead of showing the actual image ?
any clue on how to fix this F
example :

one of the post have this which i presume is a pic 


edit : nvm it's the isp blocking the imgur
using vpn and all is good nao


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