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Bad habits die hard need help

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Hi all my name in-game is shak3rs. I've hit the glass ceiling regarding stats and can't seem to improve. I'm a pubbie through and through and have barely played competitive in my 10k games. 


I want to learn,  havev fun and be efficient in every vehicle I play. The solution to the problem is obviously identifying the problem. 

Anyway, any help is welcome. Whether it be platoons,  joining a clan that I can learn with via training or even just listening to someone. 


Thanks in advance 

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I'm sure people will platoon with you but it also helps to post some replays.  I generally find the comments to be helpful but be prepared for some criticism you may not like.

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give us replays of your next 10 games no matter what happens and we can go over them

use a stats website (Wotstats, wotzilla, vbaddict) to track and identify problem areas
(or program like WoTNumbers).

Spend some more time on tanks.gg and study armor vs your favorite tanks guns

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a quick glance over the sites I linked,

You just came back to the game from about a year long break.

You love playing premiums (type64, e25, 100y, SuperP) but you're bad in them and probably don't understand the playstyle at all. You probably try to play them all the same way, given your average exp/dmg in them

The only tech tree tank you are good not bad in, is the O-Ho.

Overall I would say you like fast tanks but they get you in trouble while slow tanks give you time to think before the engagement.

How to improve? eh.. play a lot of slower tanks and study your armor profiles on tanks.gg. watch some not shit youtube/strims etc


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How have you been in 41 clans? o_o

Anyway, you average about 2-3 shots of damage per game in most of your tanks. Assuming that after 10k games you have a decent idea of how to anticipate where the enemy will be so you can go there and engage them, it sounds like you need to get better at trading. If the positions you're taking are ineffective, that could be limiting your options as well.

I'm also trying to get better. If you want to, hit me up in-game and we can platoon.


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Habits are hard to break for a reason. If you want to break them in tanks, you'll need someone not only to platoon with but also force you to not do them in some manner (i.e. verbally telling you to stop doing x). It takes conscious effort and is definitely more than mere identification and watching replays.

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