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Custom E-Peen Forum Sigs By BananaCannon

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Ever wanted that extra shade of epeen pink on your sig? 

Maybe you just wanna show off that PR?

How about tier 10 3 marks?



Well now you can my dudes! The Legendary KanonenBananapanzer may be able to help you out.

These are auto-updating signatures that pull your PR from the WG API along with your 3 marked vehicles. (Which he was able to refine to only display tier 10's)

You can use gifs are any picture you want

Stats are generated via the wotlabs API so rest assured your sig will look the same as your shit does on xvm


Some Examples of Stuff (Eural made this meme in MS paint lol)

kgkMZ4E.png THQOoLP.png SNoLX6p.png zeph.gif


Banana's kinda poor right now hence why he's even making these for other people (donations only) pm him for deets

Do Not PM me about this I swear to god. PM Banana In-Game or DM him here


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Provide an image or idea that you want me to implement and donate some to my paypal and I'll make it. For animated signature I'm asking people donate $20 because they're kind of a pain for now. Simpler ones I will do for any donation.

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