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What separates skill colors from reaching the next one?


Now that I see it the title seems a bit racist.

I just managed to hit 1601 overall, took me a while and a lot of effort to go from 1390 (2017 january) to 1601 (2018 january)  in 4 K matches, not much improvement, so I was wondering about a lot of things while ranking up the color.


First off, it seems I traded enormously the WN8 I'm making for WinRate, I know sometimes WinRate is very subjective in a few aspects and many times a lose streak is just inevitable, part of playing this game, what I want to know is what I could do to try to decrease the impact my WR is having without spoiling the increases in WN8, I already try to target dangerous vehicles rather than players (example, kill a top tier KV3 tomatoe if he's weak instead of going out of my way for that T67 super unicum who spams APCR) as well as following lemming trains to push a side instead of dying in a stupid way in 20 secs, the things that I'm seriously lacking is how to trade shots and how to use a tank in an unfavorable environment (like a super heavy in an open map with tons of arty, or a light-medium paper tank on a brawling Ruinberg) so this made me wonder... What exactly, in the unicums view point, separates a light green from a dark green, a dark green from a light teal-from a dark teal-from light purple? i've seen some crazy players having 1200 Overall wn8 and 3600 Recents, so I wonder how do these people suddenly realize they can get good or what they are intrinsically doing wrong? 


I'm sure this post will be a bit confusing without replays, so if they are really really needed I'm just gonna upload yesterdays session, but that's not the focus of the post, what I basically want to know is, what exactly separates me from the next bracket of players Skill-wise? So that I can focus more on both the WR aspect and WN8 aspect.


Probably this post will be a bit missplaced, if I did it wrong, I humbly apologize, have a good day! and thanks~



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The easiest way to increase your win % would be to platoon capable/carry tanks with players of the same or better skill level. Play off of one another, set up crossfires when possible and focus out dangerous or inconvenient tanks when possible. Other than that it just comes down to a few general things; positioning, trading your HP effectively and being able to judge the flow of a battle.

Now a lot of this just comes with time, feeling out where the favorable positions are on each map and what tanks can excel in those positions is a nice start, you probably already have a few of these spots. Think about what kind of tanks you are playing and if you can carry with that tank or not, play to its strengths.

When going for shots, think about how many guns are looking at you, don't want to lose all that yummy HP in one peek. Get to know tank reloads. Don't get lazy or greedy when going for shots... people can get lucky and snap you.

Knowing when and how to push a flank is hard. If you are trying to go for wins you will need to be leading the charge a lot of the times (pubbies are too scared). If your team is going to lemming you need to either crush that flank asap so you can return to base or put pressure on theirs or, you need to be in a position to slow the enemy down enough to stall for your team.

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(First off, someone give me my PP back kthx :doge: )


When it comes to winning and your damage output you can easily increase one at the cost of another, at least on a small level. Just playing more passive one game in a hundred is a full percentage in difference. It's all about mindset really. What you should focus on is understanding the maps and how the game flows in them. Try to predict the outcome of something that will likely happen later based on the information you have right now, make a judgement call and base what you're going to do next on that. This is a very good way to try and be at the right places at the right time, and making habit out of it. 

Just by looking at your sig I'm just guessing that you're pretty decent at your tanks and how to handle them, but lack in the information aspect. Do you ever analyze anything you come across in the games you play and how it will affect the rest of it? If not then that's where I think you should start. Getting a tuned aim and nice micromanaging skills will help you as well but that's a considerably easier feature to acquire.

Ultimately wanting to do the right thing, knowing what the right thing is and possess the skills to execute it is how you're going to start singlehandedly winning games. That said just being on the road there to understand game flow should easily put you in the 55-60 area of winrate. And don't bother with WN8 too much, the metric is sort of broken right now and maximising damage outputs and maximising wins are two different things, and focusing on winning will eventually result in learning the other anyway. Play the metagame, the game should play just as much in your head as it does on your screen

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Obviously once you reach green you know the basics. You have general map knowledge of where each 'type' of tank should go and you know basic tactics such as sidescraping and going hull down. So from green up to unicum it's *mostly* just micro improvements, specifically in the positioning of your tank. If there's one main difference I can pick out between a green, blue and purple player, it's the transition from playing predominantly well armoured, hard hitting TDs & HTs, to fast, reliable MTs.

Purple players (generally) love flexibility, and good gun handling. This is because it allows them to go TO the damage rather than waiting for it to come to them, and once they're in position to do the damage, to do it reliably. Less experienced players tend to underestimate value of flexibility and relocating, instead preferring just raw armour and firepower. To me at least, it seems that less experienced players don't like fast tanks with no armour for the same reason kids don't like coffee, they just haven't developed the correct taste for it yet. So I would recommend that if you want to improve, develop the taste for flexibility. Try to always be REPOSITIONING for better shots, not waiting for them.


One of the best ways to improve in my opinion is to simply watch what good players do. Most of the good positions I've learned have come from seeing someone else use it in game, then next time I try it out for myself. So if you don't have xvm installed, I'd recommend installing it just so that you can see who the good players are and where they go. Another way is to simply watch good players play on twitch. I personally have learned a lot from watching skill4ltu's stream, he is arguably one of the best players in the whole game, is entertaining to watch, and actively responds to questions in the chat. But whoever you choose to watch, as they're playing be constantly asking yourself "what would I do here?" and compare it to what they did, so you can understand in real time exactly what they're doing better than you.


Other than that all I can say is just try to stay alive at all costs. You might sometimes feel obligated to stick with allies on a collapsing flank, but just remember you're more valuable to your team alive with a chance rather than dead with the people who weren't smart enough to run with you.

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