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IMPORTANT! Sell your tanks for profit!

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Use the huge discounts on purchasing selected tanks if you do the holiday ops missions - you still get 50% of their nominal price (normal price for same tier tank) if you sell them.

Pick the most expensive tank in tier (generally heavies), buy them and sell straight away- you can get credits for free, just by buying them on a huge discount (for selling tier 2-7 you can get a handy sum, since 2-5 is costs almost nothing to buy, 6 is on 80% discount, and 7 on 60%. 

You can net around 800 000 silver, enough for 3-8 pieces of equipment on sale.

better than last year, when you had to suffer through the swedish TDs...and you got the useless crew...you had to retrain (and pay gold).

P.S. Last year I posted in the swedish vehicles, but this topic has no specific place...if mods think different, feel free to move it.

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2 hours ago, Berrylia said:

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I felt like i was reading a trump tweet.


Away with you, stupid spambot

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