I got my first tier 10 3 mark.

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Just wanted to say it somewhere and this seems like the place to say it. Im officially not a terrible player now.


My typical loadout


I tried to average above 4k, basically only played while in a platoon (I only really play this game in a platoon). Took a long while, many arty one shots right beside 95. I gave up for a bit, when I dropped from 94.7 to 92 after one bad mishap with arty, but I got it in one game after more than a month of not playing. Go figure (Im assuming its due to the e5 being less competitive in the face of new tier 10s).


I think the m48 is next on my list as Im liking it a lot.

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Just now, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

congrats on the marks, tho there is a thread for showing off MoE's.

Huh. Did not see one when I was looking for where to post this, so I thought this was the best place to put it =/

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Nothing wrong with posting it here, and congratulations. 

I do know that many people prefer to use status updates/the official thread, but there's no real rule/etiquette in this regard afaik. 

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