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Did the 112 LFP get buffed??

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I bounced around 5 APCR shots from my IS6 while fighting a 112 that didn't even try to angle nor hide his LFP, did this thing get buffed and I missed it somehow? I hadn't played WoT for 6 months until 1 month ago

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1 hour ago, CraBeatOff said:

status update worthy. about a year ago it got LFP buffed to 200 effective. 

I didn’t know that! I got really lucky fighting one in my WZ-111 yesterday and didn’t even realize it. 


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9 hours ago, SaintLaurentius said:

Kinda hard to notice stuff like that when you're spamming 250mm HEAT at them, isnt it?:)

Haha. True. 

After looking back at the replay, I didn’t shoot the 112 LFP. I penned the side turret with AP. It was an E75 LFP that I managed to put an AP round into (before switching to HEAT). In that case, he was cresting a hill and I got a pretty flat shot. It was a busy engagement, and I remembered incorrectly.

So, in fact, I was lucky, but not because of RNG. The 112 and I were hull down to each other. So, I didn’t have the opportunity to bounce AP off his LFP like a dunce. 


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