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FD_UP--It is indeed a thing!

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Just been grinding x5 bonus's on daily wins due to premium time. Gonna have to grind credits due to finishing up CW, maybe play some front lines to grind some more bonds or credits for other rewards ^_^ 

I'll hit ya up if I see you online!

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On 7/17/2019 at 9:03 PM, simba90 said:

I see you earned yourself a reward tank. Have you made up your mind what to get?

Must be a good feeling getting there this time around. I felt pretty sorry for all you guys caught up in the NICO bs that happened last campaign.

Yeah man, the 907 eluded me back in that campaign, but was able to get it this campaign.

I picked the 907 because the British heavy game play get's kind of boring imho. RU & Chinese heavy play is more fun for me. Yeah, the Chieftain is OP and what not, but meh. I figured I could get the 907 and participate with mediums for next CW's and I can always count on 277/5A/Super Conq to be picked for heavies when needed.

I celebrated with my fiancee (she was a good sport and didn't get all grumpy about not spending time with her) with a nice steak dinner. She got a new job, so celebrating that, 907 in the garage, celebrated that, and end of CW! ^_^

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