Patch 1.0 - HD Maps and other things

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Finally tried playing.

Holy fuck they killed a lot of hull down spots and JT apparently gets tracked if you sneeze on it. Should have remembered the old rule of "play a med or heavium after a big patch"...


EDIT: 13 90 now accelerates vastly slower and only gets up to 55 KPH instead of 60. Thus new physics are shit too. Yeah no that mission for an Italian T8 premium is too long to bother with considering all the crap 1.0 brought.

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They've yet again gone through the maps and removed position after position after position. Bushes are cleared out to the point where if you do take a shot from something you can't see just shoot the one fucking bush and you'll hit the shooter. More terrain ground out to make it impossible to operate unless you're the top tier tomato fuck in your heavy tank. They specifically are trying to make it harder and harder to do anything but roll your face on your keyboard. Amazing.

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