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T-34/85 Dragon 1/35

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Hey all. Since the game still hasn't really drawn me in (only bought the T-10 back in anticipation of the free tank) and Overwatch is still fun, I have spent more time on miniatures. Sharing with you my progress with a T-34/85 by Dragon. Older mold, but it came with free soviet tank riders. Hope you like it and thanks for looking!













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Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. I really appreciate it!

11 hours ago, Folterknecht said:

This one is the best model you posted here so far - by a large margin I might add.


The dirt on the tracks/wheels and on the sides looks very realistic, same as the rust on the cast turret.

Thanks Folterknecht! That really means a lot to me :) I'm tackling an IS-2 in Berlin soon - I hope I can do the kit justice. 



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