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Ranked Batle Meta

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Ok so personally I am much more comfortable playing heavy tanks. However, I'm playing ranked battles and am finding myself getting gold spammed a lot.

Is it worth it to simply give up on playing a heavy tank in that game mode, and only touch mediums? I feel like the benefits of armor are pretty low compared to the mobility and gun handling.

I love my IS-7 and wanna play it for fun as well, but I won't if it screws up my chance of winning.

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Assault tanks are ideal,





Maus - less then ideal but can work

140/907 - Less then ideal but can work

S Conq - Less then Ideal but can work

New Russian heavies maybe - Still haven't played them as I am on ASIA


Avoid LT / TD / SPG Like the plague



Anything that can push well

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OMG. Ranked meta is nonexistent. People do the strangest things. And forget assist damage, lights and batchat are basically impossible to play. Nobody will shoot at lit targets unless they are 50 or less meters away. It's pretty amazing. I tried IS-7, Super Conq, T100, and Batchat. Best luck was in Is-7 and being willing to push. It is a very campy mode even with all good (or at least well above average) players on the team.

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Daki shows gameplay and review of all the tech trees with is buddy Dimitry. You should find here what tanks you should drive.

PS: the sad part about this joke is that it is true.

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IS7s, 430Us, 907s, 268v4s, Super Conquerors and 5As are the mainstay of ranked. 

Seems like brawling at 50m, even if you don't do much will net you enough XP to progress. 

Personally I have done ok in the 13-105, but I'm probably going to switch to the Bat Chat for higher ranks. 

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