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DPI & Sensitivity


In all my years playing this game, I have yet to settle on a DPI / sensitivity combination I'm happy with. Coming from FPS games, I was used to a higher, twitchier sensitivity. This translated OK into WoT, helping with snapping my camera around for situational awareness. However, I found that when it came to carefully aimed shots, I simply didn't have the fine-tuned aim to pull them off (track shots for example). This meant I turned down my sensitivity to a level which made aiming a breeze, but made panning my camera around a nightmare without dragging across the full length of my mouse mat 3 times. I was always used to aiming from the wrist, rather than the forearm, and this sluggish movement doesn't sit right with me.

My question is simple. What DPI and sensitivity combination do the gods use? Likewise, do you set arcade and sniper sensitivity equal for uniform aiming, or is your arcade much higher than sniper (allowing faster panning but more careful sniper aiming)? 

Watching streams it is clear that unicums vary in their preferences. Some visibly drag their mouse 3 times just to do a 180, their situational awareness clearly coming from the minimap and prediction. Others flip their camera left to right constantly, gaining their situational awareness from active scanning of their surroundings.

I am simply interesting in learning everyone's preferences, and perhaps I can then fine-tune my own with some valid reasoning :D 

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Two different sensitivity settings in the same game? :eww:


I mostly worked with high zoom out setting in arcade for overview (mod) - using it with low sensitivity to aim in the general direction of my target - and switching with SHIFT (???) to my favored sniper view setting for taking the shot.

That way I dont have to change much and I spend less time traveling around my mousepad.





The whole aiming and zoom (in/out) options in the stock client for most of the time I played WoT was rather limited and was probably one big contributing factors for the bad gameplay (situational awareness) of the unwashed masses.




Forgot something - I always used the serverside crosshair (until WG fucked it up) and later via mods aiming fullly in most of the time. That had several different reasons, but one of the results was that I never played WoT as a FPS shooter.

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