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i like big boobs is asking for your help

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hello there kind people tankers wise and stuff

so i guess this will be a topic for my replays and hopefully your reviews and wise suggestions


first i have this very recent, like 5mins ago, battle in my favourite derpmaster t49 in which i suck but is so awesomly fun to play so i dont care

anyways, in the end i was sure when i enter the cap the count will stop but it didn't and my mistake cost us the game

since when the count doesn't stop? what is there that i'm not aware of? 



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2 hours ago, volim_velike_sise said:

it used to stop in everything, i didn't play for a couple of months and now i've heard it changed couple of patches ago :/

Entering your cap has never paused it. Only on encounter. 

Also, I can't say how the rest of the game would have went but that specific engagement on the cap would have been won with the 90mm by shooting the house down. 

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