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Best way to use mouse for most effective turret rotation

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I saw something done by an M46 that made me think I am likely using the mouse wrong or is there another device for turret operation. The tank was moving forward and  constantly and VERY SMOOTHLY moving his turret 270 degrees -At best I can only move 15-20 degrees before I run out of DESKTOP real estate and have to lift mouse to reposition..

I think most people play their wrist fixed in place so that all movement is done with the fingers.  I've heard of others using a lower sensitivity to play with their entire arm. Whatever the case I keep picking up the mouse when trying to rotate 360 degrees in arcade mode on whether its a low or high setting. My mouse is a Deathadder Chroma with 650 DPI and 1000 poll rating.

Please provide your setup, i.e. different stages programed via mouse software etc. DPI settings and maybe a video on how to accomplish this.

Thanks in advanced. 

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Arm movement is obviously better for general aim. With practice you can combine arm, wrist and finger movement and end up super accurate much faster than somebody using their wrist because bigger movement is easier for muscle memory, 

Arm for general aim, wrist for adjustment and fingers for pixel perfect final adjustment. In WoT you have 2+ second aim times so aim as a skill is vastly overrated in the game. If you can point at something without having to readjust then the aim is honestly not worth a lot of extra work. 

Some things though: Learning how to aim in sniper while moving is tricky but the only situation where WoT has any clutch-gameplay. A good trick I used to work on this was to pick a spot on friendly tanks and constantly aiming on it as I move where I want to go and the difficulty of doing it increases (roughly 5 seconds as I drive out of base) with speed and distance. Can you align a track shot on an unpredictably moving tank? That's about as good your shooting can be unless you're exclusively playing Strv/SConq

Also, you never move 270 degrees. That's stupid. 180 deg each way and that should be about one lift+swipe on a medium/large mousepad

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As kolni said, aiming itself isnt much skill**

**edit: as for sensitivity, i can move cross screen by moving mouse 4cm, so everything with wrist / fingers, but thats pure personal preference, some prefer it very high, others low, its better to put dpi very high, and turn the mouse speed slow in-game, this way you have less ``lag`` as the other way around

Where aim skill comes in play is hitting moving tanks with slow shells, where you need to aim in front of a tank, and shoot at the right moment, especially if there are some bush in between.

ps: the trick there isthis:

  • Guess how far in front of the tank you need to shoot, to hit it) say 5m:
  • Put you crosshair far in front (say 20m),
  • Let the tank drive towards your crosshair, untill its like 5m away, and shoot.

In a fps game you can lead the target, in wot you cant (well, you can, but you wont hit shit, like 95% of the players., because they do it wrong) so you need to aim in front of your target, and shoot at the right moment, the further you aim in front of a tank, the more time your gun has to zoom in, but aiming to far in front, the chance of your target stopping getting despotted gets bigger and bigger

ps ps: the SU-152 shots are mostly what i talk about, i aim in front, and wait till the tank drives into the right spot, even on slow moving target (or look last shot for extreme example, imo best wot shot on youtube ^^)

ps: i have deathadder aswell, 6400 dpi, no idea how much dpi im using 

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