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How do you be aggressive in world of tanks and prevent panicing when you're in a troublesome situation?


It seems when ever I try to be aggressive in this game, there is almost always an FV 4005, Jagdpanzer E 100, or auto loader waiting around the corner just ready to punish me  for a single move of aggression. It feels like being aggressive is punishing me more than being passive. This kind of punishing that happens, leaves a mark for the rest of the day playing tanks and nearly forces paranoia and hardcore passiveness on my part. 

How can I prevent this? What can I do to stop taking a metric ass ton of damage the moment I try to push? 


Another question is on I experience often. I play a lot of mediums and I find to many situations like two other mediums rushing me, a T110E4 rounds the corner, or I get a punishment that leaves me  on 100 hp in the first 3-4 minutes of the battle. These situations cause me to panic and do shit like missing shots or rushing into a really bad position to try and get cover.

Do you guys also deal with this? If you do how do you get rid of the panic feeling?

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