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Update 1.0.1 world of tanks

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Update page link. It would appear the Italians are getting a full tech tree in this next update. The map Province is returning except revised to be 850x850 map instead of a 600x600 and will be playable at tier 10. Front line is returning for tier 8 only. There is going to be new consumables: smoke screens, morale boosters, and Engineering crew. New overtime feature.

Wargaming is planning to make premium shells and premium consumables available for credits only and no more gold buying

“Suspicious message” alert: If you receive a message from a person not on your friends list, a special notification will appear reminding you of potential issues you might face if you open messages from strangers.

A new top three clans notification: Every time a team is going to fight for the province, a pop up will come up displaying the top 3 clans in a division.

I think these are for the front line game mode only, not sure.

Smoke screens: A cloud of smoke to conceal tanks (pretty obvious :P).

Morale Boost: Tank crew receives bonus to major qualifications.

Engineering Crew: Halt base capture time if inside your own bases cap circle, capture bases faster, and have more point reduction if you reset your own base. 

Overtime: The battle timer often interferes at the most intense moment of a fight. To exclude the time factor as a decisive element, we're introducing the Overtime feature. If the battle timer expires while the attacking team is capturing an enemy sector, the battle will continue until the sector is captured or the defenders protect their territory.

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ive been playing the Italians for a few hours now

nothing to get excited about, id honestly rather play the czech auto loaders over these any day of the week in their current state.

hopefully WG will give the Tier 8+ some much needed love, otherwise this whole line will be a disappointment. 

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4 minutes ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

How much exp is required to free exp the whole line?


Doesnt say on the update page. Looked for it in tanks.gg but could not find anything.

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40 minutes ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:


i did the math, that's counting only the necessary modules to move from tier to tier.

Thank you for the information.

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4 hours ago, Tupinambis said:

Are we seriously going 2 consecutive patches with no balance changes?

Given how badly the new physics shat on most vehicles?

Yes, that is WG's way.

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I dont see anything about the rubble surface issues. The sliding and lack of traction is idiotic.

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So no fixes to broken texturing where you see the tank but cant shoot it since invisible rock is in the way? fuck it.

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Actually kind of excited.  Both new tier 2 tanks look pretty decent.  One is like a Pz II, but with a much slower clip, and the other is its own unique thing, but sort of like if you gave the Chi-Ni an actual gun and some frontal armor.  I'm predicting solid 6's or better for each of them, which will be a breath of fresh air to play compared to the 4's and below I've restricted myself to over the past year plus.

On another note, the autoreloader mechanic is going to be stupid as hell to ever play against.  Counting shells left in an opponent's clip or how long they have to reload against tanks with those guns will be somewhere in the range of requiring full attention or being thrown out the window.

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What about the bug where u get shot but there's no sound, you do get the text notification popup. Anyone know anything about that one

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So the patch hit today and I noticed the following line in the changelog:


Fixed the issue of improperly displayed concealment values for unique Premium vehicles.

It seems like with this change, premium tanks with a fixed skin (like the GFs, Defender, Liberte) now get the same camo value as their un-skinned versions with applied camoflage.

And the fixed camo affects the concealment as a flat bonus, just like regular camo, so it is not amplified by the camo crew skill anymore.

So now, I only get 36,5% camo on my 13 57 GF, instead of the 36,86% it used to get (according to the garage stats) with the same setup. Which is the same as the non GF 13 57 gets as well.

The same percentages are reached by the guy in this post, before the 1.0.1 changes: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/667999-amx-13-57-gf-vs-amx-13-57-pro-and-cons/page__pid__15586883#entry15586883


So did they stealth-nerf the fixed-skinned premiums or has it always only been a display error, as the changelog makes it sound like?

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