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Caller's videos/ mon-fri live stream

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Hey there WoTLabs :) I'm back to streaming after a 2 year hiatus and having to rebuild my viewership lol. It's been a blast so far though, we picked up almost 23 followers in 5 days and still growing. 

if you're interested in checking out a new tanks stream please come say hi! It's mostly for the entertainment, but if you're newer and looking for tank advice i'm always happy to answer questions when i'm streaming. 

Stream schedule is Mon-Fri 08:00 - 15:00  pacific.   Weekends is random



also, i have a youtube channel with a series on learning how to call for organized competitive game modes (like clan wars) so please feel free to check those out if you're interested, i'll be making more youtube content as i keep streaming as well :)


Crityagaming Youtube'

Hope to see some you around!

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Alrighty, learning to play Tank Destroyers Also, got a Murovanka map guide coming by the end of the week and a clip compilation for interesting/funny moments from the stream. 

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