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Rheinmetall Panzerwagen

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I don't see anything for this yet...

Please buff

I like to play it a lot but I hate how I can't be of any use to my team if it folds within the first 3 minutes of a game :(

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Usually the vehicle threads talk about the strengths and weakness of a tank, give tips on how to play it or offer replays showing good games, tragic errors or something amusing.  This thread is shitty enough to belong on the official forums. 

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The Rhm is a light tank that occupies a niche currently not needed in the game. It's a long range sniper support scout. It's fast, probably the fastest of the T10 lights, has a highly accurate and high penetration gun with decent alpha, but meh DPM. It's ability to hit anything on the move is non-existant and the camo of the tank, while nothing to sneer at, just does not allow it to get to advanced positions and make effective use of it's most important asset, it's gun, at the same time.

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^ This is good advice.

I usually find myself going to weak flanks to support, and/or sitting behind the failing flank sniping and trying to keep the advancing enemy flank from rushing in, and folding over my team, praying someone on my team is paying attention, and decides to shoot at what i'm lighting up. Light tanks have no "staying power", so really... you just get one or two shots off before being spotted by other tanks and then getting mowed down while trying to run away.

Now that I think about it... even if I think about running back to get one or two shots off and lighting up the enemy flank that's pushing, its probably better getting somewhere you can get cross shots, and support the advancing flank + maybe get a shot or two into the folding flank. Can't spot, if you're dead~

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So... I contend that this tank is now A tier pub tank. It occupies the same niche as the Manticore - you stack up big VR and CVS and then spot off EBRs and pick at them - and take shots of opportunity.

Build it with CVS LNES and optics. Obviously it's better if you can use bounty or bond optics to get VR into the 530s. Ditto for bounty LNES which gets your camo to about 44%. Mine has 537 VR and i run the camo directives. This leaves CVS for the slot. This gives you a tank that is superior to the Manticore in key aspects - camo, view range, speed and most most importantly ammo capacity. Having 3 good shells with 0.32 accuracy and like 11k average damage potential really means the gun works for pub situations.

You do lose profile to the Manticore - pubs can and will hit the RhmPz when seen. And the standard apcr is a little slower than the Manticore premium round. Makes the RhmPz cheaper to run. But overall i think it's a better tank for random maps and modes. 

The camo was always the weakness - and now that is something you can get via equipment. High base VR, speed and excellent (for a LT) gun are really nice to have and let the equipment keep you unseen and safe.

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