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Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

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I've only ever played Fallout 4, I thought it was ok.  But I guess not as good as the last couple.

Survival RPG in that world might be fun.  For when WG finally finishes flushing the toilet on WOT


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The good news is - new Fallout game is in development.
The bad news is - Obsidian is not involved in this.. 

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Amazon Prime Members can pre-order the Standard version for $48

Also gets you BETA Access


Prime Exclusive. Amazon is offering pre-orders for the Fallout 76 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) for a low $47.99 Free Shipping. Check out the YouTube teaser and the E3 trailerReleases November 14, 2018. You can pre-order this now and if the price drops below $47.99 before the release date, you'll get the lowest price.


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I pre-ordered with Amazon's discount, I want to build settlements so bad. Playing through Fallout 4 I love the settlement building but there seems so little purpose behind it, I want to build defenses that could actually be used. So far seems like a lot of potential for being able to play with friends, as even when our schedules don't match up I can still build on our base.

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I really need to go back and finish Fallout 4.  I'm very close to the end and I need to decide which group to destroy (Im past the part where you can keep all the allies).

Most of my F4 settlements are beds, water, food and guns.  I never got crazy because there seemed to be no point.  My main base at the first settlement  has 1/2 a dozen boxes with all my shit sorted and my 10 or so suits of power armor (power cells removed) standing on the concrete pad.

F4 sounds interesting.  My make me take an extended break from WOT.  And all my premium time ran out from that big sale over a year ago.

I can't play Fortnite, its too twitchy.  And I don't really get the point of a game like PUBG where you assemble your guy and then start over 20 min later.

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(Finally) able to play the beta for a few hours, it's looking pretty good. It very much feels like Fallout 4 except bigger and multiplayer with a few cheesy MMO concessions like level limits on equipment. Only thing that seems off is the lack of human NPCs, thus far only robots and dead bodies carrying holotapes. I suspect they wanted human NPCs to feel like a big deal, so they're holding them back to later in the game but it makes the world feel a little dead. Ya know, what with all the dead bodies.

Still fumbling with the building system, it's pretty bizarre since you can just pick up and move your camp all over. Performance hasn't been so hot. Losing a lot of framerate and seems a little laggy, but nothing dire.

Looking like a really fun game to play with a friend in particular.

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Played a good 8 hours or so with a group of 3, really a lot of fun. Most fun I've had in a game in a long time, really. Partially because of griefing other players. Ok, maybe mostly.


  • Shooting and fighting stays fun, far more so than typical MMORPG type games and their "hold LM to attack" combat.
  • Lot of convenience factors when playing with friends, such as being able to fast travel right to each other and drop a camp almost anywhere that every one can use.
  • Building system looks like it has the potential for a lot of fun.
  • Looks like there are stronghold sort of bases you can also acquire which also tick out resources slowly, can be built on, and can be taken by other players. So you have your own mobile deployable camp and then can have larger, immobile settlements to capture and control.
  • Looting feels fun and meaningful since everything has some use, and use across multiple functions including upgrading weapons and armor, building, using directly, selling for caps, etc. You have to find plans to build most things in camp, and you can find those plans looting too.
  • PvP is basically just slapstick comedy fun with low stakes, a lot of ability to avoid, and is just sort of goofy fun instead of SRS NECKBEARD BUSINESS. All you lose when you die is your scrap junk, so if you just dumped your scrap in storage you literally lose nothing.
  • Seriously, griefing people is funny as hell, and yet if they just ignore you it's really hard to seriously harm them. We wasted half our ammo trying to kill a guy while he ignored us once, and never got close.
  • Exploration is genuinely fun compared to most MMOs. Locations are interesting, enemies are interesting, scavenging is a strong motivator.
  • The game is designed for full audio mic and headphone setup. Literally there is no typed chat communication. This sounds nuts, but it works, as you can hear other players going about their business nearby and there's no //PURPLE RARE DROP 6500 GOLD shit spammable.
  • The smaller number of players makes things feel more interesting. In one of out more memorable griefings the one guy we were annoying came back later to ambush us and hijinx ensued. On a typical big-ass MMO game we'd have never seen the guy again in weeks of play.
  • Literally Fallout 4 with multiplayer with a new, bigger setting, what the fuck is there not to like?


  • Game runs like ass. Bad framerates, sound problems galore, crashes, a little laggy, weak AI. It is a beta though, most of it will likely be ironed out over time.
  • The lack of human NPCs was a weird choice. I wager they plan on adding humans later over time like in expansions, but for now it gives the world a weaker, static feel.
  • The PvP is fun but will basically be shallow. In a game where piles of stimpacks make you incredibly hard to kill fighting largely comes down to how many resources you're willing to burn to win.
  • They will probably have to up the number of players per server somewhat, because right now there just isn't much player interaction since the map is SO big for the number of players per server. As long as the engine can handle that, it's no big deal.
  • The interface and especially inventory system is still a dumpster fire, just like it was in Fallout 4. Just accessing menus is a convoluted mess for some reason, and sorting your items is like organizing a landfill. I'm not sure if they can or will improve upon it.
  • A lot of this game's lasting appeal will hinge on being able to answer a lot of weird questions like, "what happens to your camp when you log off", and "how do you keep control of a base when you log off?" There are a TON of logistically awkward issues that I don't understand yet. If it turns out to all work, it'll be fantastic, but if it doesn't the game could easily end up a 50 hour and forget sort of thing *coughPlanetside2cough*.

So far I'm loving it overall though, if nothing else I'm definitely going to get my $50 worth even if they can't make it a real MMO "play it for years" sort of game.

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Never played it, no. I mostly don't do MMOs, I've tried many but they just never appeal much to me outside of tanks. But to put the PvP rules simply: you can't do any PvP until 5. If you attack some one you only do maybe 5% of normal damage unless they attack back, at which point you both do full damage to each other. So you CAN grief some one, but it's hard to do any real damage to them. Two of us wailed on one guy who never attacked us (uhhhh self-defense standyourgroundiwasscared) for literally 2 minutes straight and he could regen his health by eating a little food faster than we could hurt him. Once they shoot back, it's on. It has its strengths and weaknesses, but it may work alright really. Resource limits and the slow speed of griefing some one will probably dissuade most of it, as trying to gun down some one who won't fight back will cost you a LOT of ammo for little effect and ammo is a valuable commodity. So far the PvP goofiness has been one of the best parts, even if it's infrequent.

I haven't seen anything about speed hacks. I'm not worried, they'll figure most-all of it out eventually.

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On 5/31/2018 at 9:07 PM, Politx_Killer said:

*still holding breath for new vegas esque fallout 5* *turns purple* *gets ammo racked by xvm sniping arty*


Basically New Vegas in space. Not until next year though. 

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After playing the game for a month my opinion is all the people throwing a bitch fit are being ridiculous. The level of bugs and glitches in the game is completely ridiculous, but other than that the game is great, I haven't had this much fun with a game for years. I'm probably at 100 hours at this point and still going strong, and the game is clearly still a framework for expanding, not a 100% finished experience. It plays as a single player game, it plays like a multiplayer game. It's part exploration, part survival, part construction set, part MMO, part RPG, part shooter, and there are a dozen ways they can expand and improve upon it as they continue development. I don't really know what people even apparently expected, if they hate Fallout 76 then they should have hated Fallout 4 since it's basically Fallout 4 but bigger, crazier, glitchier, and multiplayer.

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