Up to date starting points for the maps?

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Is anyone aware of an up to date resource, which describes where to start on the maps as LT, MT, HT, TD and arty (missions) ideally?

I'd be thankful for any hints.

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Paris: k4-5-6-7 is were you win or lose the game. If you dont have armour try playing the mid or go fuck yourself as WG intended

Glacier: go mid to spot and take fast shots with fast tanks then either try to shoot the campers or go to the brawling area to the north (A1 to A3, B1 to B3). Or wank in the base like WG wants you to do

Mines: rush hill or go fuck yourself if your team doesn't and pray the enemies are even more stupid

Province: Rush the other side if you are fast (even with arty) or if you are slow snipe and protect you corridor

Murovanka: same as old

El Halluf: same as old 

Lakeville. same as old only now the valley is much better 

Sand River: same as old

Fisherman's Bay: city is dead, either camp mid or 1-2 line

Airfield:  same as old aka if you push you are killed by campers

Hitler's Dorf: same as old

Fjords:  I have had some better results by either controlling F4-F5 or winning  J4-J5. Switch accordingly and be careful after you push as camping TDs can get you

Live Oaks: spawn in the correct base. Otherwise same as old

Mannarime line: See Arctic region

Segfried Line: no idea I always die of claustrophobia (but it hasn't changed)

Prokorovka: Now on the hill there is way more cover and winning it allows you to control an entire flank even more with less risks. So either win the hill or support it. With LTs prevent other LTs to spot your retards camping the 1-2 line. Then spot the hill.

Malinovka: same as old

Karelia: win the hill or the north



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