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WoTlabs still the thing?

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Allo! o/

I am returning to the game after a looooooooong time away, and I wanted to inquire if this forum/site is still the most active for WoT related news, guides, and other information? There have been so many changes since I left and I am looking for the best/most up to date info.

Things I'm looking for;

Tank Guides and Ratings

Mod info and support

Mechanics Discussions


if anyone can let me know if this or any other resources out there are good for what I'm looking for, I'd greatly appreciate it, thank you!

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Unfortunately, there is not a lot of new "formal" content.  I have been reviewing the old articles and am finding a gold mine of info and perspective that I have forgotten or never knew.

Some older articles (and forum review posts) that never were converted (or were deleted) you can find dredging through wotlabs.net on the Wayback Machine...

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I don't believe there is another site for English high-level metagame discussion, so in that way, yes, wotlabs is still the thing. It's also very inactive though, so you'll find a lot more content crawling through reddit or the official forum than you will here. Usually not good content, but it's there. I wouldn't be surprised if the Russian community has something similar to wotlabs' forum, though.

Sadly the competitive aspect of the game has been actively subdued by wargaming, so there's little push for either more wotlabs content or a new site to share it on. Unless the game takes a 180 (and doesn't manage to die in the process), this is unlikely to change.

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3 hours ago, Rexxie said:

It's also very inactive though




There are old threads littered around here, albeit with outdated discussions but there are probably bits that are still relevant. Perhaps if OP make new threads people who still play the game might respond.

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The problem is that WoT, from a high level super competitive point of view, is dead.

All the discussions about game mechanics were had.

All the pros did sufficiently rub their epeen in ths game.

WG is VERY reluctant to change anyhing at all that would have a lasting influence about how this game plays. And if it is done it is mostly in alternative modes that are only temporarily available.

Finally the power creep is real. New tanks are the shits and giggles and many old tanks are left in the dust - which is ok for all the peeps that have it all and only wait for the next OP thing to grind, but sucks for all players that are still grinding certain "staple" tanks and realize these are no longer considered good.

SO, well, the good news is that most of the old stuff is pretty much still very viable (with the exception of some tank reviews) and, unless you are a fledling unicorn, is at a level that you will struggle to life up to anyways (at least at first).

The bad news however is that there is no other site thats better updated bc WoT, as I said, is too old to be really interesting to the majority of movers and shakers.

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There are a few youtubers/streamers you can follow but yeah Wotlabs has been quiet. Still there are some new discussion that can bring you up to date a bit and the old guides are still useful (probably the only reason why I have gotten better)

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Everything game mechanic-wise has already been discussed to death already and the only new mechanics introduced in the last couple of years were the swedish siege mode (basically forces your to bush wank), the arty stun (a different kind of annoying as fuck compared to the previous version) and the Italian autoreloader (or whatever it is called)(just a more flexible autoloader).

Discussions about maps boil down to "Here are your 3 corridors! Pick this one if you got armor, pick this one if your are a bush wanker or pick this one if you want to die quickly!".

Discussions about new tanks usually boil either down to "Tank X basically is Tank Y but with 10mm more frontal armor and .1 seconds better aiming time!" or "Press W, left click red tanks, win".

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