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GTX 1180 Preorder available now?

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In Vietnam.


MSI is listed as, "GTX 1180 GAMING X 16GB GDDR6"

Price: 31,800,000 VNĐ ($1,388.07)

The ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080 preorder listing was just taken down.

Price: 34,860,000 VNĐ ($1,521.64)


However, the retail box images on the listings look photoshopped.  I'm not sure if they are a placeholder or just some retailer trying to get early sales and hold onto someone's money for a few months.

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Most likely it is fake. You won't see aftermarket 1180s until AFTER the initial founder's edition.

Confirmed fake.

Original Box has WoWS sticker.


Notice the botched cover-up denoted in red below and refer to website below as well.



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