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KV-1 mod 1942 Lightweight Cast Turret (Trumpeter 1/35)

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Hey all. I would like to share my WIP KV-1 mod 1942 Lightweight Cast Turret by Trumpeter. My first time doing a muddy running gear on a tank. Have a few more things to paint and retouch - the cables for example and the rust in the exhaust. Would highly appreciate suggestions and constructive criticism. Camera ran out of battery so I just used my phone. Thanks for looking!


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7 hours ago, Politx_Killer said:

Needs tactical log.


In all fairness, not much to improve on, Looks really good. What did you use for the mud?

I actually thought long and hard about putting a tactical log - but I'm considering entering this in a contest under the Out-of-the-box Category. Hence, no log :( I DO have three T-34s awaiting paint and further weathering... if I find a suitable twig, that will be going to them hehe.

I used a mix of Vallejo's Thick Mud and Splash Mud, European Mud, Brown Mud and Russian Mud. I might need to add a bit of matt varnish on the hull sides though. The mud is very glossy, good for fresh mud - but might not be so good for dried mud. 

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The transition between muddy tracks and clean hull armor feels a bit weird. Judging by how much buildup there is between the wheels and side armor I'd imagine the lower front plate to be a bit more muddy. Maybe some mud splatters on the upper front plate and upper sides too if the tank has been driving through mud.

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