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I decided to repaste my MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X

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Previously, I had upgraded my original Devil's Canyon (4690k) gaming rig (https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/jCgvGf) to a Kaby-Lake water-cooled setup (https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/XQqWgL).
Whilst I enjoyed the sheer prowess of my new setup, there was one major flaw with the build: the GPU. Now, you might say "But Fulcrous! You have a GTX 1070! How could it be the major flaw of your build?"
The answer is simple: the thermal performance of the GPU was poor. It would frequently hit 83 degrees Celsius despite the fans being manually set to 100% speeds. Whilst this wasn't a problem for titles such
as World of Tanks, more graphically intense games like FO4/PUBG/BF1 all took major hits due to the thermals whenever I attempted to stream. Even a mere Heaven Benchmark would result in the GPU reaching
80 degrees Celsisus +. So... after months of deliberation and procrastination, I finally decided to re-paste MSI's GTX 1070 Gaming X model.

Opening up the 1070 quickly revealed the problem: dried thermal compound.
Note: I had already removed the thermal compound off of the heatsink before I took the picture.


To make matters worse, the paste-job was far from sufficient, hardly covering any of the GPU. Roughly a 1/3 of the GPU was in contact with the thermal compound.
Fortunately, the re-paste process was simple. I used Noctua NT H1 as my thermal compound of choice and used the pea method for application.
The results? Well worth my time.

Running Heaven resulted in a peak of 63 degrees Celsius. A 20 degree Celsius drop from before.


I am very satisfied with the re-paste results; however I will have to see if the thermal performance is as great during longer sessions of testing/gaming.

Edit: Long-term gaming peaks at 67 C.

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Side note: Sometimes bad thermal performance for GPUs isn't the result of bad TIM application (see above), but insufficient tightening of the screws that mount the cooler.

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yeah one of the first things I did w/ my 1070 was replace the thermal paste w/ some of Noctuas. Being an EVGA founders w/ the blower style, figured it could use all the help the card needs to run cool. Im pretty sure thats the only remaining source of noise now within my case, and I have a long time to wait til the non-founders 11' series gets released

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