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Prognosis of 705A?

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2 hours ago, Fulcrous said:

As per the wise words of schtnizeltruck, it's a great tank but the limiting factor is your gun, which is aids.

Man I still miss him ;__;

Pretty much. People whine that its bad but it really isnt. Its capable of carrying and winning. However, the gun is really aids so its not fun to play. The turret placement with -5 dep does not help, either.

If the 60TP Lewandowskiego gets released the way it is, though, I dont see a big reason to play this over it. All the 705A has over it is better top speed (and ram capabilities) and being slightly better at sidescraping, but the 60TP has better turret placement, is better at hulldown, has a much better gun with dank HE and has more health.

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On 7/11/2018 at 6:19 PM, HemanathanRX7 said:

pretty much a worse is-4

I wouldn't say so? On paper, the dpm is almost identical with rammer (IS4: 2606.83 705A: 2553.14) but 705A has the bigger alpha of 650. The 705A has superior hull dispersion numbers which allows it to wiggle better, but I don't know if the terrible accuracy (0.42 vs 0.36) will be the dealbreaker in firepower department.

Armorwise, both tanks have weakspots that can be overmatched by APCR in sidescrape mode (IS4: 30mm engine deck at the back, 30mm strip above the gun. 705A: frontal engine deck at 40mm). IS4 loses here because NATO 120 railguns and meds can punch through 30mm but not 40mm. 

705A has superior power-to-weight ratio but terrain resistance sucks hard. I don't have the tanks, so I can't tell who wins in mobility.

Instead of comparing with IS-4, I think 705A is more like a meta version of the fail lowe/e100. A small dip in firepower in exchange for Stalinium turret and smaller LFP, I would take that any day. But then 60TP will powercreep em all:serb:

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