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Tanager's Den of Mediocrity - b-c 12t carry on Ensk

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Finally aced this thing.  To be fair, the enemy IS-2 and SU-100 made it easy on me by being bound and determined to cap, but still.  Had to dig out of a 1 vs. 3 at the end, switch flanks with enough time to get the resets, etc.  I had a bunch of chances to cock this one up (and nearly did on at least three occasions that I remember, so thank you Lady Luck).  (edit) as has been pointed out, I really sucked donkey nuts in the first half of the game.  I wish I were good enough to string together longer stretches of consistently good play...

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13 hours ago, Lowlife555 said:

First half was horrible, rest was pretty good.

e.g. that poke on charioteer wasting all your hps, not helping your teammates afterwards in south.

I agree re: the charioteer, but re: the south, I made a calculation that at that point, I had wasted too many HP to tangle at close range.  It was a tough call to give up the strv and arty, but I didn't think I could save them, and I am pretty sure I wouldn't have survived.  The charioteer move was brainless, no question.

What I probably should have done was ignore the charioteer  after unloading my initial mag and gone to help in the South (before squandering my HP).

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