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Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

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7 hours ago, MagicalFlyingFox said:

All the sub 50%ers will use the 277 and 5A for is to die quickly because they are easily penned and travel quickly. Can't fire 10 shots when you die before you fire twice. 

They'll think they're supposed to play it super-aggro, push the shoreline on Malinovka, then stall out where they can be camo sniped and offer no help to their teams.

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It keeps up with a 907, has really good gun handling and has workable armour. Its just a different flavour of 5a/113/IS 7/260. There's good and bad aspects of all of them. Worth getting cuz its really nice in CW and Advances but any of the other tanks achieve pretty much the same thing it does.

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After some testing comparing the IS-7 and the 277's mobility, I've just about figured out how the two's mobility are different, and how (but not yet why), despite better stats, the IS-7 is slower than the 277.

Basically, (on flat ground)

  • In the 0-10 km/h range, the Obj appears to accelerate twice as fast as the IS, i.e. 0.25s to reach the 10 km/h mark.
  • From 10-30 km/h, the acceleration of the two tanks are nearly if not exactly identical: both tanks take roughly 1 second to power from 10 to 20 km/h and 2.25 seconds to accelerate from 20 to 30 km/h;
  • From 30-50 km/h, the Obj again accelerates twice as quickly as the IS-7, taking roughly 10.5 seconds to reach 50 km/h (from 30). The IS-7 never reaches 50 with my crew but takes 18 seconds to reach 49 km/h. In other words, the Obj accelerates at this speed range at about 1.91 km/h/s whereas the IS-7 revvs up at the rate of about only 1.05 km/h/s.
  • The Obj is able to reach 55 on flat ground, the IS-7 is not.

The Obj and IS-7 climb hills at nearly identical speeds/accelerations. 

  • On slopes, the IS-7 accelerates from 0-10km/h at exactly the same rate as the 277 does: in roughly 0.5s.

I was obliged to ask around on Wot Reddit and one of the theories that was suggested to me that I found plausible was that the game codes, in addition to HP/T and resistances, a separate modifier for transmissions.

If this were true, I would expect that each tank would have different gears and would hence accelerate at different rates when in different speed ranges. On slopes however, it seems that raw HP/T eclipses the impact of the hypothetical clutch/transmission modifier such that tanks with the same HP/T and terrain resistances climb hills at the same speed. The same is not true when they are downhill and is especially noticeable on flat ground.

If anyone on the SEA/KIWI server still cares enough about the game to do some pointless testing, give me a PM or leave a comment. Much appreciated as always.

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