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MAHOU Name n Shame for tking arty in Ranked on Reddit

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46 minutes ago, Ham_ said:

160 freakin comments and a sticky, just about this thread

Shout-out to exo for the shameless stream promotion lol


gotta plug, yo


fuck arty

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Just as ships banned Carriers from CW, tanks should have banned arty from ranked. It ursurps the very core of the mode being able to place in the top spots of the team in higher ranks due to the fact that it gets so much time to play as everyone is rather damage aware and cautious.

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I posted this story in "name and shame" a couple of weeks back. I'll post it here again:

Knowing you guys, I wasn't sure whether to put this in "name and shame" or "name and praise."

On my team last night in a ranked battle was TeamSizedBackpackUSA from Mahou. We were both playing CGCs. He counterbatteried both enemy artilleries, teamkilled me, then charged into the enemy to commit suicide. He then texted that he "killed every arty" and "did God's work."

Because of his jihad/God's work, two hull-down IS-7s that we could have dug out won the battle for the red team.

BTW, he had 3 marks on his CGC, so I think that he has the same attitude towards God's work as Jimmy Swaggart and Jerry Lee Lewis: there can be no great redemption without great sin.

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11 hours ago, Archaic_One said:

We should take up a chemotherapy collection, maybe pay it out in bonds.


This is the contest I ran when we had the "gifts" available at last thanksgiving...



It's "Tankgivings" time...  As part of this months Tank Rewards I likely will have several Gifts to provide as a prize for an internal contest/competition.  If you don't know already, I dislike arty a fair amount.  If you ever platoon with me you may have seen #remove_arty_from_the_game in chat after I get hit by arty, and definitely after I get sky-cancered and sent to garage.  Thus this contest will be a random draw based on successful chemotherapy...

Epic Medals will gain you entries...

Pascucci's Medal - 1 entry

Dumitru's Medal - 3 entries

Burda's Medal - 5 entries

Yoshio Tamada's Medal - 5 entries

I will even be politically correct to the (wrongly) artillery minded crowd and award additional entries as follows:

Honorary Rank - For Counter-Battery Fire - 5 entries

Confirm your entry by uploading your qualifying replay to wotreplays.com and PM me the link in Slack.  I may or may not post a leaderboard at some point prior to the end of the event (when prizes will be awarded)

Prizes chances are determined by random draw from the total number of entries.


Doing the lord's work one Pascucci's Medal at a time...

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