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Mr Serb, I don't feel so good... - T-50-2

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WG has some quality memes lately this is amazing, this is to the left of your tank in garage.

Anyone know the Russian? The deer is olen which is noob thats all I know.

Also reference to /r/dragonsfuckingcars is brilliant.

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  1. Fire extinguisher for sale. Expensive
  2. Come back noobs (олени - from modxvm - which is called оленемер).
  3. Top gun is mine ! (as if asking team to let you do 6th kill)
  4. I researched IS-4. Kolya
  5. Aaaaaarty!!!
  6. We were dancing under arty. Tickets??? Memes. (claw machine is above)
  7. Cockroach rules ! (E25)
  8. Borscht is not lit (RHM Borsig is named after Ukrainian soup).

These are the Russian translations from reddit. 

There is a 257 cross-section blueprint with bullshit side armor, the WTF E100 is from the cartoons, La Cone is a AMX 40, S-51 is a sawed off shotgun parody. The dog house has TOOOOOOGGGGG in Korean beside it.

Even WG are memeing the IS-4....

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Some translations of Chinese memes. These are doggerel verses so below is only accurate in meaning, not in rhythm:

一代版本一代神,代代都有查狄伦 --  "OP Batchat stands tall against powercreep". This refers to the pre-nerf Batchat with 6 rounds magazine, of course:serb:

近看炮塔吓死人,远看五队负重轮 -- "Tank has a scary turret but only 5 loading wheels". This one refers to the type 59 and needs a bit of historical context to understand --

During Cold War era, 59 was mass produced to counter the possible Soviet threat. Due to backward technology and industry, the T-54A ripoff was the only choice for the PLA armored force for the longest time.

From 1963-1980 around 10,000 type 59s are built. After the Cold War, those old tanks are extensively modernized and exported to countries around Africa and the middle east who need cheap and compatible replacements for Soviet-era tanks. The modifications are a bit, shall we say, reinvigorating, and sometimes you can only tell it's a 59 from the iconic 5 loading wheels. 


I would totally give money to WG if this 59 (export to Tanzania) is in the game:trump:

Type 59 also marks the beginning of Chinese MBT development. A tech tree for anyone who's interested. 121 is right beside Type 59 and WZ-132 is on the topside:


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