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CV rework revealed

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On 9/7/2018 at 12:43 PM, Vitellius9 said:

TB flooding damage will have to be re-worked.

Tbh, Damage over Time as a whole needs to be reworked.

I would rather like to see a system where a fire or flooding deals a set number of hitpoints in damage per tick, rather than a percentage of the total HP pool. That would make single fires more serious for DD's (which rarely get double-lit anyway), and less serious for BB's. As a tradeoff, a large ship like a BB should have many more possible fire locations, so a single, double or even triple fire would not be that serious, but ten fires burning on the deck of your Kurfurst would be a problem.
That could work with flooding too. A single hole from a torpedo would be much more serious on a DD than a BB, but the BB has the potential to receive many more holes.

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I watched the video the developers put out a couple days ago and they said the new CV system wouldn't have that bad of a disparity based on skill as it does now.  I really doubt that.  There's going to be players who just wreck the other team and if your CV sucks you lose.

I like the fixed dot damage tick suggestion above for HE and flooding.

Some DBs are bad enough now, some CVs can damn near 1 shot cruisers with DBs as it is, adding flooding will just add insult to injury. 

Additionally, DB's should have to fly low and level to make a run on ships and not be able to drop from a body of land without a minimum distance requirement.

The time on or over target required for planes to drop bombs or torpedoes should be increased to simulate the planes making their runs.  There should be a minimum time on target to drop them and a maximum which would decrease dispersion the longer you stay on your run up to a set maximum value. jm2c 

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I think that a good CV will be able to do a lot damage, but it won't be the diametric loss if there's a good CV/bad CV issue. Essentially, CVs won't be the only defense against CVs.

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