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Medium top tier play


Im playing reasonably well at the moment. My stats have gone down a fair bit after missions started mainly due to playing tanks I dont like. Im usually about 2.4k wn8 recent.

Right now my by far biggest weakness as a primary medium player is top tier games (3-5-7). When playing I try to be aggresive but is almost always punished for it. Either I have a monster game but more often than not shit games and one of the first to die. I can go from a 10k combined signle tier battle to 1k combined 3-5-7 battle in 5 minutes. I honestly think I have better numbers in every way in 5/10 or single tier MM. 


How do you play mediums (Patton/140/430U/BC25) when top tier? Do I need to be aggresive?

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Assess the map, the enemy team, and your team. Consider how your team is deploying. You can afford to be somewhat aggressive early on like in the BC25t as you do some early scouting, but do try to stay alive. The 140 can also do the same to an extent (getting to an early aggressive spot), while the M48 and 430U may be too slow for that.

Being in mobile medium tanks, it's not all being about at the frontlines and in the thick of it. Observe and assess how your team is deploying, where the enemy team may be and put yourself in a position to react to those. You can try to fill the holes in a gap or snipe from the flanks, exploit breakthroughs, etc. and most importantly, retreat and reposition before it's too late.

Try not to play like a heavy tank, even against tanks 2 tiers lower than you. Aside from maybe the 430U, you can't and shouldn't try to "tank" too long. Support the heavy tanks on your team but don't draw too much attention, poke and spot for your sniping TDs or cover the flanks of turretless assault TDs. Be flexible.

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I mean, that's a tough question, with no simple answer. The answer is very dependent on the tank lineups, where the teams go and the map. Top tier in a 3-5-7 match with no arty, you'll generally always be allowed to play more aggressively. The more arty there is, the more passive you have to play (arty 'prevents' camping amirite?) but, this is map dependent of course, on Himmelsdorf for example who cares how much arty there is. There's so many different factors that determine the correct play, it can't really be generalised. If you want to do some toons just send me a message in game, we can play some tier 10 mediums together and I can help you out there while we're actually playing.

Other than that, what I can say is that in a game where your team is just crushing the enemy team, you need to try your hardest to be at the front of the side that is pushing. If you're stuck on the flank where you can't push and the other side just mops up, you won't get any damage. My general rule with fast tanks is: if there's a lemming train you want to push aggressively with the lemming train. As a fast tank you're able to not fall behind, so as long as the lemming train is pushing, you're leading the push and getting as mush damage as you can before the slower tanks catch up.

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