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`What else / more could I have done?

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Looking for some advice here, couple of games from last night where I feel as though I could of got more from the games, or forced a win. Seem to be struggling atm with win rate.
I'm trying the advice of LR from his youtube of falling back to farm damage where felt thats all you will get from the game, but I really would like to up my win rate as well as a slight increase in wn8.
Anyway here goes:



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Game 1

It was about 6-7 minutes into the game until you fired your 3rd shot.  Your lack of map knowledge for that map was clear when you kept looking for shots at tanks on the other side of the mountain.  It was almost 10 minutes into a blow out loss when you finally flexed to a spot where the 430U can really leverage its strengths.  You should not have quit at the end, there were 2 squishy one shots in close proximity.  Main takeaway for me is that you need to drive around in a training room and watch replays on that map, and you need to take a tank like the 430U to where the damage is from the start.  

Keep in mind that I am trash and a real tank player will be along shortly to laugh at my shit advice

Game 2

4.5 minutes to fire 3rd shot and the game was already completely over.  If your barrel is not hot enough to fry an egg on before the 3rd minute,you are in the wrong place.  Same as before, go to where the damage is - there was a huge blob of red tanks on the 9-0 line and you were not there to shoot at them.  Like the first game you went to the passive side and the game ended before you flexed.

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Thanks for the feedback, I will be rewatching them with peoples comments in mind. Would like to get more feedback if others willing to comment?

I do find that I have spells where I play like shit (in one at current) and once I come out of them my overall play is better than it was before the spell started, but I still think I have lots to learn

Ok so this was my first game today with a focus on trying to get in early damage and keep the gun going from as early as possible, still feel like I could maybe of fired more (would of helped if the 1-4 had not run in as I shot) but its a start



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