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60TP Lewandowsasdffsffdggsdf appreciation thread

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I already did a full line review, but figured that this thing itself deserves its own topic. :bigdoge:

I adore this thing. Looks gorgeous yet so autistic. I also love big guns and this has a really big gun, with better accuracy and velocity than E 100. This on a tank that is rather compact for something with 2600 HP and then it has great turret with -8 dep. The only issues are the shitty HEAT pen and crap hull, but bloody hell is it fun. :^)

One of my new favorite tanks in the game and my go-to tank when I’m bored or having a bad session.

Anyone who didn’t slit their wrists with the 40TP, how do you like this thing so far?

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i enjoy it personally despite all the mixed reviews.

 its armor can work if you use it right, and its mobility (for what what it is) is nice. i also find its accuracy compared to other high alpha HT's is pretty good, or at least it feels like it.

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7 hours ago, Kolni said:

this thing is pretty fun to play, i really like it but sadly the gun handling basically cuts my performance down by almost two shots per game so 5,5k down to 4,3 ish :babyrage: 

So you couldnt leave this game after all?

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I mean, whats not to like about having .33 acc, -8 depression, 15 second flat reload(3k dpm), 98mm pen with HE, and workable turret and upper front plate armor?

This tank is everything I wanted it to be. Its the perfect pub tank if you're looking to play a bastard child of a WZ5A+E100. Smacks hard thats for damn sure. Im no where near @Kolni's level, but playing 40 battles w/ 65% WR and 3257 DPG plus another 20 or so CW/SH battles its just comfortable for people who like that role. Its good enough for #4 by DPG in VBAddict (Cause like, that totally matters!).

Setup: Vstab, Enhanced Rammer, Vents
Consumables: Large Med, Large Rep, Food, FireFighting bond crew skill (Will mean you burn for about 200 damage)
Crew Skills ATM: BIA, Reps, 6th, and Gun Handling/Firefighting where applicable. Next will be View Range and FF again.

What I dont like:

View Range (My crew is at 2.7 skills, so no vision skills yet) is about... 430? So, not enough.
Ammo Count: The final accuracy means you're taking more shots than you should TBH, and Ive gotten down to 3-5 rounds remaining a couple times.
HEAT Pen: Its "only" 317, but that just introduces a lot more RNG into penetrating a Super HT or TD. Your final accuracy helps, but RNG

Overall: 8/10 for Pubs, and 5/10 for CW. I think other tanks like the 5A and 277 are simply stronger all round, and the Super Conq is a certain staple. I think this slots comfortably behind them when it comes to Pubs for a HT. For CW, its been fun to pair with a Super Conq given the same general speeds of the tank. It could work well against a Type 5 as it'll trade better if you're penning your shots, but again RNG.

Worth the grind? Sure. It took me about 1.5 weeks to get from tier 7 to tier 10, and even playing pubs during all of it I never rage quit an evening

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What's the deal with this tank in random battles?

How does this caliber overmatching mechanic work? I often find myself spamming HE because the gun leaves me down.

I run hardening, rammer and stabilizer. Any ideas for different setups?

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