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53% 1600 WN8 Recent, Looking TO Improve

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I play 3-4 nights a week from 19:00-23:00 EST. I currently have 3k games played and only a few Tier 8's. I am interested in any and all clan activities and would like to improve my WN8 and WR. 

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clan activities will actually do very little for you since the clan based game modes have very little with random battles in common besides the core mechanics

what it does offer is players that are probably a bit better than you, a lot of players simply clan hop as they progress forward to keep playing with better players to learn new things but there are way more efficient ways of improving (and quickly)


i'll just go over some basics

  • grind up t10 and spam it, it costs credits but do whatever you can to support it because here is where the gameplay quality is the highest and where you'll learn the most
  • always tryhard - it might seem obvious but treating every single random battle like your life would depend on it is something very few people actually do, if some bs happens it's gg go next and they start throwing which isn't always the case when it comes to your own performance, i've literally had a game in the e50m where i was 300hp within 2 minutes a ridiculous shitbarn pen and still ended up with 9k damage because the game isn't over until you actually die
  • read lineups and maps, figure out some good opening moves based on these and once you do, figure out where to go next - doing this over and over makes you very quick at decisionmaking and eventually it comes naturally and you'll be (at least i am) able to tell what's going to happen in the next 2 minutes by just looking at what's happening now. it makes for very good practice of making use of the whole right place right time thing
  • track shots - the most underappreciated thing in the entire game, always go for them if you can get them with damage, it's worth so much to blow a 90 second cooldown of a repkit because what you don't see is their module damage which really can make a difference when fighting - and if they get tracked without repkits it's literally gg they die for free and they won't be able to deal as much damage as they would being able to move even if they get swarmed
  • the tank you're in matters less than what's happening around you - get comfortable enough at tank characteristics to never have to focus on tank specific things and simply get to situational reads asap

if you do just those things and do them well, that's more of a quality player than 99,9% of the playerbase

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